Room 16

Welcome to Room 16

We are a Year 0/1 class and our teachers are Mrs Baptista &   Mrs Dijkstra (Thursdays)

Our Learning Showcases

What is a learning showcase?

It's a slide deck we regularly update to show what we've been doing at school in our classroom.  It might include photos, videos and text.

2024 T1 Learning Showcase Room 16

Term 1

2024 Y1 T2 Learning Showcase Room 16

Term 2

2024 Y1 T3 Learning Showcase Room 16

Term 3

Our Timetable

2024 Year 1 Generic Timetable

What are we doing today?

Here is a brief overview of what we do each day at school. 

This timetable changes regularly so sometimes when we get to school it will be different to what is on our website.

Remember to check our whanau notices for updates, things we need to remember, items we need to bring to school and lots of other important information.

Resources to help our learning


Stage 1-4   Chitter Chants

Stage +4, 5, 6 Chitter Chants

Stage 7.1 Chitter Chants

Jolly Phonics Action Song

Stage 1-4 Speed Sounds 

Stage +4, 5, 6 Speed Sounds 

Stage 7.1 Speed Sounds 

Letter formation slidedecks

9. Stage 1 Letter formation
9. Stage 2 letter formation

Letter formation slidedecks

9. Stage 3 Letter Formation
9. Stage 4 Letter Formation


Count with me to 20 The Singing Walrus

Count to 100

Skip counting by 2s

Skip counting by 5s

Skip counting 

Te Reo

Ma is White

Pakipaki Clap!

Oma Rapeti

Porowhita Maori Shapes

Ata Marie

Te Reo Alphabet

Pause Breathe Smile

Guided Mindfulness Practices that you can do at home. 

Wheel of Choice

What can you do to solve any problems you come across? If you need support from an adult, always ask. We are here to help you.